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Christian symphonic Power metal

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"uplifting orchestration, furious riffing, and theologically-rich metaphors"

Dreams are but a partial reflection of reality - illusions pieced together from fragments of

what is real.  Every glimpse, every shard of a vision is built upon the bedrock of actuality.

Within the dream, the fantasy is convincing.  Without, insubstantial.

The time has come to move from the illusory to the real,

from the shadow to the substance, from the natural to the supernatural.

It is time to escape the dream.


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Reflection of Glory Christmas album cover art
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"Uplifting orchestration, furious riffing, and theologically rich metaphors... Conceptually, this is Harry Potter meets Pilgrim's Progress.  Musically, it's Nightwish meets Powerwolf.  At times tender, at times surprisingly brutal, Escape the Dream is an extremely welcome reality, and deserves wide recognition."

- Joel Zaloum, JesusFreakHideout

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