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Reborn  -  2017

remastered 2021

Reflection of Glory has released music before - but not like this.  "Reborn" debuts an artistic transformation into symphonic alternative metal, standing out with male-fronted vocals and Christian worldview.

The process of creating "Reborn" was quite a journey for me, lasting almost a year from the first take to the final master.  Reimagining all the songs into symphonic alternative was a challenge, both for the songwriting/arranging and the production.  

The songs strive to capture life in all it's roller coaster swings: frustration in the struggle, joy in success, and despair in failure - but most importantly, hope in all circumstances.  Even as lyrics reflect the mountains and valleys of my life, and the music reflects the musician, I know my life is a Reflection of Glory.

The track list of "Reborn" is almost like a greatest hits from my early songwriting, with most of the songs written between 2008-2011.  It was fun for me to take these simple lyrics written with acoustic guitar and transform them into fully-scored symphonic metal.  Many songs owe their lyrics, riffs, and creativity to collaborating with friends, and I'm grateful for every opportunity to work with talented musicians.

It is always my desire that, even as you enjoy the music, there is something in the meaning to resonate with.  And if you feel the same desperation and hopelessness that I have felt, know there can be an end to the nightmare - there is hope to cling to.

To God be the glory.

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