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Reborn - JFH Review

Reborn has just been reviewed by JesusFreakHideout - a pioneer for Christian music on the web since 1996 - who also published a short interview on the album! The full review and interview are featured here in JFH's indie artist section.

Michael Weaver of JFH writes, "If you're looking for some new metal with an alternative spin, or you really dig the symphonic sound, Reflection of Glory and Barry Dreier are going to be up your alley.

"Some of the best tracks present are "Crucify Him," "Land of My Dreams," and "Rome Burns" and "Enough of This World."

"The heavier guitars and more technical solos also add quite a bit to the music. Lyrically, the album is extremely up front with the messaging: the album is about Jesus and looks to spread the gospel. ... Given the improvement evidenced by Reborn, I'm very interested to see where Mr. Dreier goes next."

Read the full review of Reborn on here!


Running and going strong since 1996, JesusFreakHideout has been one of the number one sources for information on Christian music on the web. For the latest in Christian music news, reviews, giveaways, listening parties, and more, visit them at!

Here is a brief excerpt from the JFH interview:

JFH (Michael): My favorite track is "Rome Burns." I like melody, guitars, and the solo at the end. Can you talk about the story of this one?

Barry: "Rome Burns" was a fun song to put together, and was a collaboration with a good friend who loved musical allegory. The idea of "Rome" in the song is a picture of our personal lives: our independence drives us to build our lives as kingdoms and to put ourselves in charge. As we try to maximize our success at the expense of others, eventually circumstances outside our control will interrupt our plans or ruin the "kingdom" that we've built. Musically, I tried to reflect some of the story: the drums of the barbarian armies outside the city, and the horn calls of war at the defeat of Rome, that sort of thing. I definitely had a blast putting this song together, and I'm glad you enjoyed it

Read the full review of Reborn on here!

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