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Big Changes Coming

Whether or not you enjoy the music I make subjectively, there is no denying

that the objective quality of production has improved exponentially between the original release of "Reflection of Glory" in 2008 (over eight years ago!) and "Christmas" most recently.

And so, since I am now able to put forward a much higher quality musical product, the first three full-length albums released under the "Reflection of Glory" label will be recalled from all digital distributors, effective June 1, 2017.

That's right: Reflection of Glory, Not Alone, and Siren Song will no longer be available for purchase. In an ideal world, people will one day look at these as rare collectables. Right now, however, they are simply an ear-sore on the digital shelf.

After recently spending some time listening to these projects (which I rarely do - they're just...bad), I realized that there are many good musical and lyrical ideas present. Like a diamond (or cubic zirconium) in the rough.

So work begins on reimagining the best songs from these three albums, which will be a type of "greatest hits" from those early days of my musical journey. You may find that these reimagined songs differ dramatically from their first incarnation, or even from what you expect or think the songs should be.

But good music is never really "finished," and I am excited to see how this "new" project turns out. If you have particular favorites that you would love to see reimagined, comment to let me know!

For those of you who really enjoy my early work, go get them while you can - they're much cheaper to download from CD Baby, so check it out there.

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