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Upcoming Album - "Christmas"

"Christmas" will be available from all major digital music distributors (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, etc.) on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24!

Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year – but also the season of over-eager holiday commercials clamoring for you to “buy my stuff now!” And so, I add my musical drop of water into the ocean-sized cacophony of pop Christmas music.

“Christmas” as an album was completely recorded, produced, and mastered in just over a month. Many fans over the last few years have asked for a Christmas album, and I began the project just in the jolly ol’ St. Nick of time.


The album features mostly modern twists on Christmas Classics, but the twist of modern comes in a variety of flavors. Collaborating with a couple of musical friends, Brian (solo guitar on “God Rock Ye, Merry Gentlemen”) and Kiara (female vocals on “Silent Night”) certainly helped spread the musical spectrum. Genres range from Trans-Siberian-like instrumental metal to a capella, classical to classic rock, and some solo work featuring the electric bass.

I hope you are able to find something you enjoy on “Christmas” and during the Christmas season. These songs are a happy part of my memories from childhood, and not only because they recall family festivities, good meals, and gifts. The message of the Gospel – now frequently removed from holiday music – is the real foundation for this wonderful season, and a true source of joy for all of us.

Take a sneak peek at the track listing!

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