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"Bird's Eye View" Release!

This latest (and best) album mixes flavors of rock and roll with

singer-songwriter intimacy - a changeup that makes "Bird's Eye View"

perfect for blasting down the highway or relaxing in a coffee shop.

The making of “Bird’s Eye View” has definitely been the most fun I’ve had recording an album. Finally gaining the flexibility in recording to do some of these songs has been immensely exciting, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed putting these songs together. Each of these songs is a piece of my life: all of them are true, but not all of them are about me. The metal flavor of “Battle of the Alphas” is a style I’ve been chasing for a while, but the song itself was commissioned by a close friend. Similarly, I know that “Easy Way Out” is outside of my musical comfort zone (I just don’t have the voice for it); but it had to be written, as a plea to real people in real trouble. It was also interesting to me how the songs changed as I recorded them. Some (like “Ghosts”) I felt were just ‘filler’ songs for the album, but turned out to be my favorites. Others (like “Easy Way Out”) could quite capture the potential I felt they had. As I grow in the future, perhaps I’ll revisit these as I have done with others. Themes of love, hope, disappointment, and broken dreams affect all of our lives, and much of this album reflects these from my own life. It is my hope that despite all the flaws of my music, the core of what I sing is imparted to you in a way that resonates with you.

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