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New Direction

My next album - "Reborn" - is on track to release Fall 2017! I'm very excited to have the general release date set; making this concrete brings the project a little closer to completion.

To follow up on the Big Changes announcement, "Reborn" will mark a significant shift in my sound and artistic direction. As I previously dabbled in many styles (classic rock, pop rock, acoustic, hard rock), working on the tracks for "Reborn" has shown me that I need to refocus: to do one thing, and do it to the best of my abilities.

Reflection of Glory will be reborn (get it?) as Christian symphonic alternative metal.

This is a recognition and acceptance of where my musical influences and preferences have led me. The ethos of metal, the scope of symphonic texture, and the roots of alternative support and reinforce the purpose behind my music:

People are broken and hurting. Life is a struggle, whether times are good or not.

Yet there is a way to find rest from the struggle - despite sometimes wavering in belief.


As I've worked on reimagining the songs for "Reborn," I spent a lot of time soul-searching, considering my own journey. I've always known how meaningful music is for myself and can be for others, but I began to see in a new way how I used music as catharsis or escape. I'm excited to step out into the symphonic metal world. This style matches the purpose of my music and brings together my two greatest musical inclinations - amplifiers and drums with the classical symphony orchestra.

I'll finish with an amusing anecdote. Throughout this entire creative process, I occasionally discuss things with close friends and family. I mentioned to my parents how I was considering a shift into the symphonic metal genre, and my mother (I kid you not) responded:

"Are you sure you want to do this? That this isn't just a phase,

but this is how you want to do all of your music?"

So that just goes to show, even though I'm almost 30 and have enjoyed metal for almost 20 of those years, mothers will always consider heavy metal "just a phase."

To God be the glory.

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