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  L Y R I C S

I’m breaking down inside but putting on a show

I look great on the outside but my confusion no one knows


Where have I come from oh where have I been

What have I been doing besides hiding away my sin


Which way am I going oh which way should I turn

I have no way of knowing oh Lord help me learn to be

A reflection of Your glory

instead of shining my own light

In Your perfection oh Lord restore me

take my wrong and make it right

My mind is so confused by desires of my heart

I try to turn to You still satan plays his part


Why am I like this oh why can I not change

This sin I keep committing I hate to see unchained


Who are You creating who exactly will I be

I know Your plan’s unfolding so Lord help me learn to be

If any man would say that he saw good in me

It’s the light of God’s rays reflecting off of me

Barry currently lives and makes music in northern Georgia with his family.  Barry prefers Ibanez guitars and Fender basses, but seriously dislikes onions. 

​He also enjoys long walks (not on the beach), lazy days on the couch, and treating most things in life less seriously than they deserve.


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