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Reflection of Glory is now on Patreon!

What is "Patreon" you may ask? Patreon is a fantastic website built to support independent artists. If you find something you like, you can choose to support them with a monthly payment of any amount - and in return, you can get some awesome rewards!

So, go check me out on Patreon, and please consider supporting my work. Remember, you can choose to support at any amount for any length of time. That's right, you can quit. It's not your cable company.

Even if you decide not to support me, I hope you continue to enjoy my music. And I hope that you find someone on Patreon you do enjoy enough to support! As the music (and other artistic industries) become more monolithic, I believe it is important to maintain the grassroots diversity of human creativity - even if that doesn't include me.


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