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"Crash Into You"

Today, I have the joy of releasing my latest collaboration - an original single "Crash Into You" by Lydia Joy!

Bounce on over to the Freebies section to check it out.

Lydia came in with nothing but her guitar and her song - ironically, the plan was to record another piece she had written in seventh (!) grade. But once she demo'd the chorus to "Crash Into You," I knew she had a hit.

We spent the afternoon laying down her acoustic and vocal tracks, and she features her good friend - Kiara - on vocals as well. A few takes of each is all we needed to lay the foundation of the song.

After she gave me her vision for the song, I went to work. Finding the best take for her vocals and acoustic didn't take long. Then came the layering: tracking and mixing drums (I use NI's Studio Drummer), bass, guitars, keys, and synth.

Lydia's knack for writing catchy tunes and memorable, heartfelt lyrics makes her a great artist to work with. I hope you enjoy her talent!

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