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"I See Fire"

Today I release my latest collaboration: working with Ryan Schrope on a cover of Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire." Ryan plays acoustic guitar and puts his vocal talents on display for all of us to enjoy! Be sure to check it out here.

Ryan wasn't exactly thrilled about having his picture taken, which ended my hope of producing a video to go along with this song.

Producing the song alone was enough work by itself. For "I See Fire" we ended up with 34 tracks (!) to capture its dynamic scope - including orchestral strings and 3 different percussion ensembles.

The trickiest aspect of the song is dynamic range. Ryan begins singing a capella, and the song builds considerably to the climactic conclusion. Remarkably, Ryan tracked each a capella vocal part in just one take.

Balancing the intimacy of the beginning with the fire (pun intended) of the ending was hard, but I think we got close.

It's hard to match a bedroom studio production with Ed Sheeran.

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