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Producing "Blue"

Laney B. and Kiara R. came to me, requesting a music video cover of "Blue" by Troye Sivan.

Working with them, and this style of music, was a blast for me - but not without it's difficulties. I had never heard the song or the artist, and the genre is a little outside my typical sphere of operation.

This is the first song I have ever worked on where every instrument was exclusively produced digitally (inside-the-box) without any recording of real-world audio. Their vocals, of course, are the exception. For me it became an opportunity to learn more about digital instruments and how to make them musical.

Producing the video presented it's own little challenge - you quickly see the height difference between Kiara (the short one) and Laney (the tall one). In my small studio (synonym: extra bedroom), there's not much space for long camera angles to reduce the height difference. But we did find some neat alternatives that work.

So enjoy the video, and enjoy the song!

#Release #Collaboration

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